Vivacious testimonials from our Original Divas.

The Retreat

“Uncover Your Kick-Ass Confidence” in Newry, ME, October, 2016.

This retreat was all about three foundational components that live at the very core of having a high-powered, vivacious life: the ones that keep our bodies healthy and our confidence strong. It begins with the power of nutrition: understanding food, how it interacts with your body, and how that interaction manifests itself in places that are so much more important than your waistline. That knowledge extends to the kitchen; learning the skills, recipes, and tactics to cook with confidence amidst a busy schedule. But to bring it all together requires presence; the ability to sit within your own skin and listen with honesty, love, and compassion to what your body is telling you.

I liked the variety of topics and how they supported each other. I liked converging wellness of both the mind and the body, then putting it into practice with the cooking. I also loved the camaraderie of the amazing and diverse women both running the retreat and attending it!

Rebecca Sly

I liked having an expert in each area: mind/body, nutrition, and cooking. It really helped to tie all the lessons together on how to get to a healthier place in your life.

Cindy Vincent

I really liked how the retreat encompassed a holistic approach instead of narrowly focusing on one area or issue. I loved the dynamics of Laura, Caitlin, and Danielle. They balance each other out very well. It has been a truly enjoyable, eye opening, and relaxing weekend. I now have skills to look at situations with a different perspective which will aid in my ability to move forward and ‘to be mindful’. I can now look forward to preparing nutritious meals and do not feel so overwhelmed with the thought of it!

Dianne Chin

I loved the collaboration that happened with our group. The sessions all had overlapping themes that helped to tied it all together. Laura, Danielle, and Caitlin are amazing.

Danielle Adler

What did I like best? I liked everything! I would go again with new friends.

Jeanne Sanfilippo

Days Away

Delicious Meals Prepared

Knowledge Building Workshops Attended


Confidence Boosted

  • Retreat Met or Exceeded Expectations 100%
  • Recommend to a friend? 100%
  • Workshop Satisfaction 90%

The Weekend Was Amazing

We had an incredible weekend and a life-long bonding experience. The flow of the weekend intentionally creates a natural safe space to learn and grow from the welcome reception, through meals, classes, and free time, to the final workshop. This is the goal for every single one of our retreats. Ready to dive in at our next retreat?

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Massachusetts based wellness retreats for women. Vivacious Life provides programs and affordable wellness retreats for women that carve out the space to recharge, refocus, and find their confidence. With all of life’s demands, it can be hard for women to take the time to love, nurture, and take care of themselves. We offer a holistic approach in our cooking and nutrition lesson plans that consider the whole person. Come together with other women,  just like you, to focus on self love, healthy food, and the skills to build lifetime wellness. 

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