Vivacious Life Co-Founders, Chef Danielle DeSiato, Coach Laura J. Ingalls, and Coach Caitlin Green

Retreat with us.

Indulge in one weekend of learning for a lifetime of wellness.

We all know the things we want to change in our lives. Maybe it’s a healthier diet. Fewer meals out. Better stress management. Deeper relationships. We all have something we’re working on.

Take a break from your hectic, everyday life and learn the skills to make it happen.

You’ll return home rejuvenated, with a new set of tools to help you confidently make your own choices about your healthy lifestyle.


I loved coming together to share universal experiences with other women and realizing you’re not alone. It was very informative on self-care through meditation, self-kindness, and nutrition.

Shelly Devine

Massachusetts based wellness retreats for women. Vivacious Life provides programs and affordable wellness retreats for women that carve out the space to recharge, refocus, and find their confidence. With all of life’s demands, it can be hard for women to take the time to love, nurture, and take care of themselves. We offer a holistic approach in our cooking and nutrition lesson plans that consider the whole person. Come together with other women,  just like you, to focus on self love, healthy food, and the skills to build lifetime wellness. 

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